Pr. Júlio Sérgio Felizardo was born in the city of Leiria, Portugal, on the 29 th of June 1932.  When he was six years old, he lost both his parents:  Beatriz de  Sousa Neto Machado da Conceição Felizardo and Domingos da  Conceição Felizardo whom, from a convicted anarchist became a true Christian, always  glorifying  in his way of life the Lord who saved him.


His brother Herlânder is Pastor (retired) and his sisters Sónia and Odete are faithful christians in their churches.


On the 18th of April of 1954. Easter Sunday,  in the beautiful bay of Luanda, Angola, he was baptized, together with his future to be wife, sister-in-law and father-in-law. Together with his sisters and his brother-in-law  Guilherme Neves, he initiates the baptist  work  in Luanda, carrying out domestic worshiping from  which emerged the first fruits and various churches.


In October of 1955 felling the call for the ministry, he leaves Luanda and a wellpaid job missionary of  B.M.S. - Baptist Missionary Society of London, carrying out his ministry in the Missions of Quibocolo and in Bembe, where in left various  great works such Educational, Professional, Social not to mention, Spiritual.


On 16 September 1956, marries Maria Ofélia Felizardo, whom, to this day, has been a faithful and dedicated wife, companion of an already  long ministry of more than 50 years old. From this marriage two sons were born:  Paulo Sérgio and Luís Alberto.  In 1964, heb leaves for the city  Luso, now Luena, eastern Angola, where on the  14th of December  of that same year, he initiates the baptist work again whit domestic worshiping.


On 22nd  of March 1970, he leads the congregation into inaugurating their first worshiping venue, which was later organized as a church on 23rd of August  of  the same year. Under his guidance, a beautiful Temple, sitting 500, was built and on the 10th of December 1972, inaugurated.


In September  1975, he returns to Portugal and on the 21st of that same month takes over as Pastor of  Cacém's Baptist Church, in Sintra's line near  Lisbon. There he initiates the Baptist Social Center, an Institution of Social Solidarity, with a creche, garden school, day-centre domiciliary support and a home 17 old ladies.


On 30th of November 1994, after 20 years of intense ministry, due to various doctrine disagreements by some church members and in defence of this pastoral dignity and baptist identity, he resigns as pastor of the church.


On 3rd September 1995, after 5 months of pastoral assistance, he takes over the ministry of Mangualde's Baptist Church, a city situated in Beira Alta close to Serra da Estrela. On 31st August 2004, he resigns as pastor of the church.


On April 2005, he takes over ministry of Aveiro's Baptist Church, situated in beautiful litoral portuguese coast.


He left the pastorate in 2008. Currently lives at home, on the outskirts of Lisbon, with his beloved wife, Ophelia Felizardo.




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